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Load Forecasting

iEnergy can generate 1 to 10 year forecast of half-hourly or hourly demand for different regions or for the whole system.

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Market Scenario Simulation

Generation and system operation are inter-dependent with the bids, the demand and the system limits. With iEnergy’s interactive market trading simulation tool, different bidding strategies can be tested and corresponding competitor responses can be modeled providing a more realistic market dynamics.

Our Commitment to You


In today's increasingly competitive deregulated energy market, companies in energy trading, generation, or providing energy to consumers, recognise the need to collect and process information and forecast trends swiftly. This involves the collection and analysis of data from the market to generate accurate forecasts of demand, price and energy against various strategies and assumptions.

iEnergy was established in Australia back in 1997 to meet this industry's changing needs and has since become a leading provider of forecasting and market information system in various international energy markets. iEnergy is committed to developing effective and efficient specialist applications that can become the backbone in the productive use of market and business data.

specialist applications

Analysis Systems to Help Manage Risks

iEnergy is a leading software provider with expertise in forecasting and risk management tools, knowledge and skills in support of decisions critical to trading and utility operations.We guarantee effective and efficient software systems configured to your business needs.


02. Analysis Systems to Determine your Competitive Edge

The complex, important, and often ground-breaking energy trading matters require evolving software systems as productivity tools in determining your strong positions and facilitating the formulation of your strategic advantage. Energy delivers value to clients by collecting data and transforming it into valuable knowledge. Our clients use this knowledge to run their business more efficiently, manage their trading risk, optimise their generation and increase shareholder value.


03. Configurable Modular Systems

iEnergy systems offers uniquely modular applications that allow systems to grow economically in accordance to your changing requirements, maintaining a continuity on standards while capitalizing on the familiarity of users. The modules' flexibility will avoid obsolescence and maintain the value of your investment.

Price Forecasting

iEnergy has the tools and experience in the market to be able to incorporate the different factors affecting electricity price giving you greater confidence and understanding of the sensitivity of the forecast to different market factors.