price forecasting

Electricity price is dependent upon many factors in addition to the demand and simple correlations of price with demand and capacity no longer holds in the deregulated market. iEnergy has the tools and experience in the market to be able to incorporate the different factors affecting electricity price giving you greater confidence and understanding of the sensitivity of the forecast to different market factors.


load modeling

iEnergy can generate 1 to 10 year forecast of half-hourly or hourly demand for different regions or for the whole system based from published energy and demand growth rates. It takes into account the variation in system demand in terms of hourly, daily and by season and is affected by domestic, industrial and commercial consumer behavior as well as the operation of dispatchable loads and the timing of new block loads. Our load modeling takes into account, day types, weather variations, total system load levels, and timing of new block loads.

Inter-connector utilization

Network and interconnector flows and losses are dependent on the generator bids and offers and their location. iEnergy’s multi-processor simulation tool allows modeling of large samples of numerical intensive monte carlo simulations in a much shorter period of time. The tools provide flexibility in the format and level of details of the reports which include cumulative probability distribution of flows and average flow patterns on the interconnector for different time periods in the year.

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Market Scenario Simulation

Generation and system operation are inter-dependent with the bids, the demand and the system limits. With iEnergy’s interactive market trading simulation tool, different bidding strategies can be tested and corresponding competitor responses can be modeled providing a more realistic market dynamics.

Energy Market Software Solution


iEnergy Australia provides interactive hands-on workshops that cover the essentials of the Electricity Market.  These training workshops guarantee to greatly improve knowledge and understanding of the Electricity Market, including the various aspects that influence it.  Attending iEnergy’s workshops gives a competitive edge when it comes to tackling issues and participating in the Electricity Market. 

iEnergy provides training workshops for the following:

  • Market Simulation 
  • Generation Planning 
  • Short and Long term Forecasting 
  • Load Modeling


iEnergy Australia provides a range of unique consulting services committed to building the value and competitive advantage of various market segments in the energy industry. From the collection and analysis of market data, forecasting price and demand and testing them against strategies and assumptions, iEnergy will be there to serve your business objectives.

  • Load Modeling
  • Price Forecasting
  • Market Scenario Simulation
  • Inter-connector Utilization